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Noak Bridge Nature Reserve  -  links page

local (South East Essex)

Basildon Natural History Society
BDC Country Parks and Nature Reserves
BDC Countryside Services
Billericay Society
Chelmsford & Central Essex RSPB
Colin Brodie's Gallery  *
Essex Amphibian & Reptile Group
Essex Wildlife Trust
Friends of the Wick Country Park
Langdon Visitor Centre
Mill Meadows Society + Facebook
Noak Bridge Parish Council
Norsey Wood Society
South Essex Wildlife Hospital
Southend-on-Sea RSPB
The Essex Field Club
The River Crouch Conservation Trust
Wat Tyler Country Park
Watt Tyler RSPB webcam

Facebook Groups (UK)

Beetles of Britain and Ireland
Billericay Natural History Discussion Group
British and Irish Lichens
British and Irish Sawflies (Symphyta)
British Leafminers
British Plant Galls
British Soldierflies and Allies
British Spider Identification Group (archived)
Bryophytes Of Britain and Ireland (mosses etc)
Butterflies & Moths of Great Britain & Ireland
Butterflies UK
Caterpillars UK
Flying Today Micros and Day-flyers (UK moths)
Flying Tonight Migrant & Adventive Moths UK
Ladybirds of UK
Moths UK
Moths UK Flying Tonight
Mushroom Foraging United Kingdom
Pseudoscorpion UK
Slugs and Snails of the British Isles
UK Amphibians and Reptiles Groups
UK Bees, Wasps and Ants
UK Butterflies
UK Diptera (flies)
UK Harvestmen (Opiliones)
UK Hemiptera (bugs)
UK Hoverflies
UK Hoverflies Larval Group
UK spiders
Wild Flowers of Britain and Ireland

         reference (mainly UK)

10x50.com - Bird Sounds
Amateur Entomologists' Society
Arkive - Images Of Life On Earth
Beginner's guide to identifying British ichneumonids
Biological Records Centre
British Arachnological Society - spiders etc
British Bugs (Hemiptera)
British Dragonfly Society
British Entomological and Natural History Society
British Tick Species
Colour Guide to Hoverfly Larvae
David Element's Wildlife Pages
Dipterists Forum - flies
Eggs, Larvae, Pupae, Adult Butterflies & Moths
Help British Wildlife
Leafsnap UK **
Natural History Museum
Nature Forums on the Web
SARG - Water Frogs
The Beginner's Guide To Caddis (pdf)
The Conchological Society - snail identification
Tree of Life Project (TOL)
UK Beetle Recording
UK Butterflies
UK Fly Mines
UK Fungi (forum)
UK Ladybird Species
UK Moths
Wild About The British Isles
xeno-canto - worldwide bird songs

includes photos taken in the Noak Bridge Reserve
tree identification app (currently iPhone only)

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