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NBNR  -  beetles & bugs

(click on pics to see full size image in new window)

Coleoptera  -  beetles

common red soldier beetle
common red soldier beetle (1)

devil's coach-horse beetle
devil's coach-horse beetle (2)

red-headed cardinal
red-headed cardinal beetle (3)

red longhorn beetle
red longhorn beetle (4)

seven-spot ladybird
seven-spot ladybird (5)

yellow flag - Willow Pond
thick-legged flower beetle (6)

wasp beetle on cow parsley
wasp beetle (7)

(1)  Rhagonycha fulva (hogweed bonking beetle, bloodsucker beetle)
(2)  Ocypus olens
(3)  Pyrochroa serraticornis
(4)  Stictoleptura rubra (red-brown longhorn beetle)
(5)  Coccinella septempunctata
(6)  Oedemera nobilis (false oil beetle, swollen-thighed beetle)
(7)  Clytus arietis - a wasp-mimicking longhorn beetle

Hemiptera  -  bugs

black-and-red froghoppers
black-and-red froghopper (1)

cinnamon bug
cinnamon bug (2)

common water-measurer
Common water-measurer (3)

dock bug
dock bug (4)

fine streaked bugkin
fine streaked bugkin (5)

forest bug
forest bug (red-legged shield bug) (6)

common backswimmer
greater water boatman (common backswimmer) (7)

hairy shield bug
hairy shield bug (sloe bug) (8)

striped oak bug
striped oak bug (9)

(1)  Cercopis vulnerata (red and black froghopper)
(2)  Corizus hyoscyami
(3)  Hydrometra stagnorum
(4)  Coreus marginatus
(5)  Miris striatus
(6)  Pentatoma rufipes
(7)  Notonecta glauca
(8)  Dolycoris baccarum
(9)  Rhabdomiris striatellus / Calocoris striatellus

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thanks to Colin Brodie for the photos of the red longhorn and thick-legged flower beetles
thanks to Mark Williams for the fine streaked bugkin photo
thanks to Richard Chew for the red-headed cardinal beetle, cinnamon bug, common water-measurer and hairy shield bug photos
thanks for Sarah Meyer for the forest bug photo
thanks to Sol Perkins for the left black-and-red froghoppper photo
thanks to Weed for the right black-and-red froghopper and wasp beetle photos
thanks to John Pettitt for the remaining photos
email contact - info@nbnrs.org.uk
last updated - 3 June 2024
URL - http://www.nbnrs.org.uk/gall17_beetles_and_bugs.html