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Newsletter Spring 2011

A few words from the Chairman.
Welcome to the first Newsletter of 2011 and from the new Committee.
First may I say how sad I was to hear of the sudden death of Betty Haynes.
We took over from the last Committee who had given many years of hard work to the cause; they are to be congratulated and we intend to continue that hard work.
The Nature Reserve is a lovely place to visit and enjoy the wildlife, Nature at its best all year round, walk the dog, meet friends and likeminded people, make new friends as we have, or, just sit and take in the quiet and its beauty.
I look forward to meeting you all sometime, maybe in the Reserve or at one of our open evenings. Until then please enjoy the reserve.
Many thanks, Ray Batty. (Chairman)

The Work Party
There have been three Work Parties so far this year.
In January we paddled in four inches of cold water as we cleared the Lupin Glade of grass, various plants and some overhanging branches to allow the sun to shine (we hope) on the Lupins. We also trimmed overhanging branches along the paths.
In February we started to create a living fence on the boundaries of the glade near Puckles Pond, this was done by cutting a crescent shape near the base of the small trees then gently laying them over to one side with some support. The trees should now continue to grow more horizontally and that should provide insect and bird habitat whilst allowing sunlight into the glade to promote plant growth.
In March we continued making the living fence, trimming branches by the paths and collected much more litter than should ever be found in a Nature Reserve.
Tony Garner (Committee Member)

Work Parties are held on the Third Tuesday of each Month from 1pm to 3pm.
All are welcome to join in. We meet at the Eastfield Road entrance at 1pm.

My apologies to those of you who have not been able to renew your membership. This has been whilst we put all the information on computer and bring the renewals to one date for all in June.
Membership will remain at £3 until June 2012. We are happy to take memberships as of now and they will carry through to June 2012. We hope that you will be happy to renew your membership and support us in the upkeep and continuing improvement of this beautiful Nature Reserve.
Many thanks, Lesley Batty. (Membership Secretary)

In general
The one thing that is very disappointing is the amount of dog fouling that is left uncollected within the Nature Reserve. I do realise that sometimes you may not notice your dog fouling whilst you are talking or distracted by wildlife etc.
Can we therefore ask that you do keep an eye on your pets so as to keep the Reserve a pleasurable place for everyone.

To finish
In order to save finances and paper future news letters can be sent to you via email. You may sign up for this service by adding your email address when you return your completed membership form.

Noak Bridge Nature Reserve Society
144 Coppice Lane
Noak Bridge
SS15 4JS

Ray Batty:  Chairman
Laura Wright:  Secretary
Lesley Batty:  Membership Secretary
Ralph Chapman:  Treasurer

Committee Members:
Jean Youe
Tony Garner
Tim Wright

Helping to protect Noak Bridge Nature Reserve

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