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The Noak Bridge




Nature Reserve Society

Newsletter Summer 2012

Hello. This year has been rather interesting for us in some ways. The weather has caused us a couple of headaches, namely the rain has had everything growing at such a rate, and we have had such problems trying to keep up with it. Some of us have worked extra to the normal once a month work party to catch up with it all.

Puckles Pond has been flooded for much of the Spring and Summer. The East Meadow is now accessible after we had a machine in to cut down the overgrown scrub, and the walkways through the centre of the Reserve and along High Ridge are accessible again.

We did find our rusty old resident wheelbarrow had been deposited in the middle of Fox Pond. I would like to thank whoever retrieved it, so saving me going into the water, and the barrow has now been dispatched to the scrap yard.

We were fortunate enough to be awarded a small grant by Basildon Council to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. This has enabled us to purchase a new Notice Board which will be sited at the top entrance on High Ridge, as many visitors use only that gate so never see the notice board at the main gate; also to order two new Benches to replace a couple that have seen better days and to pay for the repairs to the vandalised dipping platform at Puckles Pond. The Notice Board and Benches have to bear reference to the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year. We are also purchasing two new benches to be dedicated to Janet Bircham and Ralph Chapman for their years of hard work on the Committee and as Founder Members to the Society. These two will come out of Society funds.

Finally, I would like to thank those people who attended our Annual General Meeting at the Village Hall on Thursday 26th July; and, as for some unknown reason it escaped my mind at the AGM, I would also like to thank my Committee for their hard work through the past year, and I also thank those dedicated volunteers who give up their spare time to help us at the Work Parties each month.

Thank you all very very much.

Ray Batty. Chairman, Noak Bridge Nature Reserve Society.

PS: if any one fancies helping at the Work Parties, they run every third Tuesday of each month, from 1pm to 3pm, and we meet at the Eastfield Road gate, 1pm. Hopefully see some of you there.

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