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The Noak Bridge




Nature Reserve Society

Newsletter  -  Summer  2021

The Annual General Meeting

This year's Meeting will be held in the Village Hall, Coppice Lane
Sunday 22nd August starting at 3pm.

The Committee look forward to seeing you and hearing your views be they complimentary or constructive. Our AGM is also the time for the Election of Officers and Committee Members for the coming year.

The posts for Election are as follows:

Committee Members x 6

NBNRS Members are welcome to stand for election to any of these posts, as are existing Committee Members.


Around the Reserve with the Chairman

About four years ago we started to build a dead hedge along High Ridge which runs from the top entrance. The intention was to prevent animals and wildlife getting through to the A127 as a few had already been run over.

We reluctantly decided to give up on the project after a year following numerous attempts by unknown persons to wreck our hard work. As fast as we rebuilt it they ripped it down, removing the stakes and distributing them around the Reserve, even throwing them into the ponds.

On a recent walk in the Reserve with my dog I found the remains of the hedge had been disturbed, with a charred remnant of one of the stakes still in the ground. Searching the area, I found several pieces of charred wood scattered around in the woodland, had it not been for the recent wet weather things could have been very different. Unfortunately, this was not the first attempt at fire starting.

On a brighter note the Reserve is looking good despite the run of bad weather. The high winds brought down a couple of branches which were quickly dealt with.

We now have three new volunteers to our monthly work parties. The work is varied and rewarding and new volunteers are always welcome; just turn up at the main gate or at the Container at 1pm on the 3rd Tuesday of each month for two hours of good healthy exercise. Hope to meet you there.

Ray Batty,  Chairman


On the Work Party with the Treasurer - June and July

They were two hot and sunny afternoons, as they should be.

In June the volunteers used shears and jungle busters (long handled L-shaped blades with a curved lower sharp end) to cut the low growth along both sides of the High Ridge mainly in the shade, despite some midges around.

July saw two new volunteers, always welcome, join the Work Party in cutting back the long growth on bushes and trees from the prolonged rain and sun all around the reserve. Luckily it ended just before very heavy rain and hail fell in the area.

Litter has been picked up on both Work Parties as usual. I often wonder how people are able to carry containers into the reserve when they are full, but seem to be unable to carry the empty containers home or to a litter bin when they are empty!

Tony Garner

The remaining Work Party dates for this year are on Tuesdays at 1.00 to 3.00 -

August 17th  -  September 21st  -  October 19th  -  November 16th


We were not able to hold the AGM in July due to the Government delay in ending Lockdown restrictions and the late confirmation of the July 19th easing of the legal rules.

We could not arrange this meeting until we could be sure of being able to hold it.

Seats will be well separated for Covid safety.

The AGM will cover two years because we were not allowed to hold the planned 2020 AGM.

Collection of Subscriptions has resumed.


Your Autumn Newsletter is due in September 2021.



Helping to protect Noak Bridge Nature Reserve
Your Support Is Greatly Appreciated


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