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The Noak Bridge




Nature Reserve Society

Newsletter  -  Autumn  2021

The Annual General Meeting

This year's Meeting was held in the Village Hall, Coppice Lane on Sunday 22nd August at 3pm. There were 10 members present to hear reports for the past year and some discussion. At the meeting Ray Batty stood down as Chairman (as he had previously announced) and no new Chairman was elected so the position remains vacant for now. We welcomed Jan Tyrrell to the Committee as Secretary.

The Committee Members are:




Committee Members

Jan Tyrrell

Tony Garner

Jean Frost
Alan Frost
Tina Steggles
Peter Steggles
Alan Clements
John O'Shea


Chairman's Report

It's been a funny old 18 months with little or no work happening in the Reserve as we've not been able to have our work parties during Lock Down. It seemed strange to me as we work in the open, but that was not our decision.

In the meantime some clipping back has been done where necessary and some litter picking has been taking place as well. All in all, the reserve is looking quite good. With all the rain we've had everything's growing well and the work parties are now back in full swing along with some new volunteers.

I will be stepping down from my role. I've held the position for nine and a half of the last eleven years and I've enjoyed it and found it very rewarding. It's time now for a fresh new face to take the chair. I would like to say thank you to the Committee for their continued support, to our loyal work party volunteers for all their hard work, to our Ranger Mark, for his help and guidance around the Reserve and to the Society members for their support through their membership subscriptions.

Ray Batty,  outgoing Chairman


Remaining Work Party dates for this year - Tuesdays at 1.00pm to 3.00pm

October 19th          November 16th


Your Winter Newsletter is due in December 2021.



Helping to protect Noak Bridge Nature Reserve
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