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The Noak Bridge




Nature Reserve Society

Newsletter  -  Summer  2022

We have good news, news and not so good news

The good news is that the path along the High Ridge is soon to be replaced by a good path similar to the other paths in the reserve. We are very grateful to the Noak Bridge Parish Council for agreeing a significant grant, Basildon Council will pay the rest of the cost. The path will have wooden revetments each side to retain the gravel which will allow the rain through it. There will also be a short extra section at the east end where it meets an older path where people have created their own short cut over the years. The reasons for needing the work are clear to anyone who has walked along it during or after much rain. If not, please see the photos of it in February 2021.

The news is that Basildon Council Leisure and Parks Department has been reorganised and that has interrupted our direct link with the department. We were hoping for clear information much earlier, but it has only recently been clarified and a link established.

The not so good news is that Mark, our Ranger since 2004, has been downgraded to Warden and has lost the phone and email contact with us and direct responsibility for the Reserve. A more recent move is that the parks, reserves etc. will be split into four groups and he will not be in our group. We may see him from time to time. Our regular Warden is now Nick who we met recently.


On the Work Party with the Treasurer - January to July

The Work Parties with Basildon Council staff and volunteers this year have varied considerably. February was cancelled due to heavy rain, May was the hottest day of the year at that time, and July was postponed to early August due to excessively high temperatures!

An early task was cutting down two large trees into short sections because they were not stable and could have fallen across a path. They were left in a suitable place as homes and food for various forms of wildlife.

A large amount of rubbish was recovered from the boundary near the layby on the A127 - much of it was a large wardrobe with mirrors.

On a different day a lot of household rubbish was collected just inside the reserve next to the fence that separates it from back gardens of people's homes. Wonder how that got there???

The Noak Steps were repaired at one step with a new wooden section replacing a rotting piece.

The grass alongside the main concrete road was cut back on two occasions, and the border along the boardwalk has been cut back.

With a good number of volunteers and three people from the Council there was a lot of strimming and cutting back intrusive growth along most paths including the High Ridge with a lot of thistles.

Tony Garner


Apologies for not issuing a Spring Newsletter as intended. The Basildon Council Leisure and Parks Department caused disruption and there was a delay in resolving it and being informed.


It is now time for Membership Renewalm - a form is enclosed.
It is still only £3 per household, £1.50 for Concessions,
and we welcome donations.


The remaining Work Party dates for this year are on Tuesdays at 1.00 to 3.00  -

August 16th  -  September 20st  -  October 18th  -  November 15th

Tony Garner


Your Autumn Newsletter is due in September 2022



Helping to protect Noak Bridge Nature Reserve
Your Support Is Greatly Appreciated


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