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The Noak Bridge




Nature Reserve Society

Newsletter  -  Winter  2022

Annual General Meeting

This year's Annual General Meeting was held in the Village Hall, Coppice Lane on Sunday 18th September at 3pm. There were 10 members present to hear reports for the past year, to take part in the discussion, and to meet Frank Street, the new Countryside Supervisor at Basildon Council.

The Committee Members are:


        Tony Garner
Jan Tyrrell
Tony Garner
Jean Frost
Alan Frost
Alan Clements
John O'Shea
Howard Shillingford

Season's greetings from the NBNRS Committee


The High Ridge path has been replaced by a gravel path

High Ridge - new pathHigh Ridge - new path

The High Ridge path

The new path replaces the original path which became very muddy and slippery in wet weather. It is now a gravel path similar to the other paths in the Reserve. There is also a new section where the only path was where people walked on it, although it was never surfaced as a path. Our thanks to Basildon Borough Council who agreed to oversee the work and to fund the majority of the cost, and to the Noak Bridge Parish Council for contributing a significant grant towards the cost and ensuring that it could be completed for the benefit of residents.


On the Work Parties  -  last months of 2022

Grass that had been cut previously was raked away and piled up as has been done in previous years. The drainage channel that was dug to allow the overflow from Willow Pond was cleared away to provide a better approach to the bench and the edge of the pond. Overgrowing branches were trimmed along the paths, and grass by the paths has been cut.

In late August it was reported that Willow Pond had gone from empty and dry to almost full in just a few days. Essex and Suffolk Water attended promptly and discovered a mains leak underneath the pond, but it was not easy to access or to turn off the feed so that it could be repaired. After several visits it was finally completed in early October.

Tony Garner


Work Party dates for 2023

Held on the third Tuesday of the month for about 2 hours, meeting
at 1 pm by the main gates where Bridge Street meets Eastfield Road,
before walking inside to the storage container.

                January 17th
March 21st
May 16th
July 18th
September 19th
November 21st
  February 21st
April 18th
June 20th
August 15th
October 17th
December - no WP


Your Spring Newsletter is due in March 2023



We wish you all a Very Safe and
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Helping to protect Noak Bridge Nature Reserve
Your Support Is Greatly Appreciated

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