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The Noak Bridge




Nature Reserve Society

Newsletter  -  Spring  2023

Many thanks to the Yarn Bombers and the Noak Bridge Community Events
Group for decorating the Reserve Gates and many other parts of Noak Bridge


Meeting at the Noak Bridge Village Hall
3pm Sunday 25th June 2023

Surveys of the wildlife of Noak Bridge Nature Reserve

This is an open invitation to all residents of Noak Bridge with an interest in nature to join us for an informative meeting and to learn more about your local nature reserve.

It should be an enjoyable meeting


Surveys of the Noak Bridge Nature Reserve

The meeting is open to all residents who are interested in wildlife.

You are invited to a meeting to learn about a plan to make regular surveys of areas of the Noak Bridge Nature Reserve.

Basildon Council Parks and Countryside department want to start a series of regular surveys in many of the Council's parks, nature reserves and open spaces. The Supervisor who covers Noak Bridge and the Council's Biodiversity Officer will be present to describe the plan and how it is intended to perform the surveys. They will be at various times of the day and various times of the year.

They plan is to involve local people as well as regular volunteers and members of the society. There is no obligation, and training will be given to enable people to carry out the surveys.

Hope to see you there if you are at all interested.


On the Work Parties  -  January to May

Since January volunteers have worked with Basildon Council workers to clear a large amount of rubbish including a long broken two-piece ladder, lengths of wood, a damaged shopping trolley, and other rubbish from two separate abandoned camp sites. They have cleared fallen leaves and branches from the ditch that takes the overflow from Puckles Pond, trimmed overgrowing branches along the paths, and strimmed the long grass alongside the paths. They have replaced broken slats on the boardwalk, cleared a large tree that fell across the High Ridge path, and picked up too much litter.

Apologies for not issuing the Spring Newsletter earlier, it was held back until we could announce the Survey and meeting.


It is now time for Membership Renewal - a form is enclosed. It is still only £3 per household, £1.50 for Concessions, and we welcome donations.

The remaining Work Party dates for this year are on Tuesdays at 1.00 to 3.00  -

June 20th
September 19th

          July 18th
Ocotber 17th

          August 15th
November 21st

Your Summer Newsletter is due in July 2023

Tony Garner



Helping to protect Noak Bridge Nature Reserve


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