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The Noak Bridge




Nature Reserve Society

Newsletter  -  Winter  2023

The Annual General Meeting

This year's Meeting will be held in the Village Hall, Coppice Lane on Sunday 21st January 2024 at 3pm.

We welcome all members to come and catch up with the past year's activities and the evolving changes in the structure at Basildon Council Parks and Countryside department and their impact on us.

We also would welcome some new Members to join the Committee.

The current Committee Members are:




Committee Members

        Tony Garner

Jan Tyrrell

Tony Garner

Alan Frost
Alan Clements
Jean Frost
John O'Shea
Howard Shillingford


Basildon Council Parks and Countryside Volunteers Network Event

There was a meeting at the Wat Tyler centre at the end of September where representatives of all the Basildon Council reserves, parks and open spaces, who meet as the Basildon Council Parks and Countryside Volunteers Network, held an event just over a year since forming.

A presentation on the work of the groups and the benefit they are to help the council staff to look after their areas was made to Basildon Council Officers and the two Basildon Councillors responsible, Jeff Henry (Cabinet Member for Health, Wellbeing, Leisure, Arts and Culture) and Terri Sargent (Cabinet Member for Communities, Planning Committee).

The two Councillors both responded and congratulated the volunteers present and all those who also take part in Work Parties etc throughout the year.

Secretary Jan Tyrrel and I represented the Society at the event. All of the groups had a small stall with information and photographs of their site. The Officers and Councillors went round to the stalls and spoke to the volunteers.

Jeff Henry and Terri Sargent had visited the Noak Bridge Reserve before approving the grants from Basildon Council and the Noak Bridge Parish Council to pay for the renewal of the High Ridge path last year. It had been Councillor Henry's first visit, and he told us that he has been back a couple of times since then and was impressed by the work and the reserve in general.

Surveys of the Reserves and Biodiversity

Following a meeting at Wat Tyler that Jan Tyrrell and I went to, the Committee held an open meeting in the Village Hall in June last year.

The Basildon Council Parks and Countryside Biodiversity Officer Joshua Childs addressed us about setting up a pilot scheme to survey the various types of wildlife on the council's reserves etc. It started with Noak Bridge as it is a small site and more manageable then the much larger sites around the borough.

Fortunately there were enough volunteers to cover the types of wildlife required and they have reported for the scheduled months, and that should enable the surveys to also take place on a larger scale at the other sites.

At a recent meeting of the full Basildon Council Joshua presented a five year plan for surveying, maintaining and improving the biodiversity in the whole borough, and the Council agreed to it. This should help Noak Bridge to remain a good place to live and may help us to control any attempts to build more homes in the area.


On the Work Parties  -  last half of 2023

The Work Parties included helping the Council staff repair the steps and the boardwalk, clearing away encampments, cutting down unstable trees to make it safe for our visitors, cutting back branches around the reserve with hand tools, and, sadly, picking up litter as usual.

The Work Parties for 2024, Tuesdays at 12.30 to 2.30 -

January 16th
April 16th
July 16th
October 15th
          February 20th
May 21st
August 20th
November 19th
          March 19th
June 18th
September 17th
  -  no work party


Apologies for no Newsletter since the Spring issue in June

Your Spring Newsletter is due in April 2024

Tony Garner, Chairman and Treasurer



Helping to protect Noak Bridge Nature Reserve
Your Support Is Greatly Appreciated


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